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Here are some great places to see more of Ron's work, artists related to Ron Arthaud and his home in Tuscarora, Nevada. Enjoy!

A great place to take a painting workshop with Ron Arthaud!

A fun article on a life drawing workshop facilitated by Ron Arthaud.

See Ron Arthaud's paintings in the Beautiful new hospital Renown Heath.

Related Artists

See the jewelry of Ron's wife Gail Rappa and the work of all the wonderful Wild Women artists!

See Tuscarora Artist, Sidne Teske's beautiful pastel landscapes and figure paintings, furniture and more!

A world renown lampwork artist who happens to be a native of Elko, Nevada. Kristen "paints" with molten glass instead of a brush-incredible!

The palette of colors Lisa uses on her ceramic sculptures is a must see for anyone who appreciates Ron's paintings!

Tuscarora & Elko, Nevada

See the Tuscarora Pottery School, the work of Ben Parks and some of the other talented Tuscarora artists.

A fun Ghost town site that has some great pictures of Tuscarora, Nevada.

Photo of Ron and Gail's brick house before restoration,third down on the left.

See this great Elko, Nevada gallery that will host the Wild Women show during the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in January 2009. Ron will be a guest artist!

Check out the Western Folklife Center in Elko, NV, host of the Cowboy Poetry Gathering, 25 years in January 2009!

A great place to see some of the incredible horses that the Tuscarora area breeders are famous for.

Related resource links for professional artists

Robert Genn Twice-Weekly Letters. A great resource for all professional artist, filled with timely wisdom and insights.

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